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Alborz Exchange

Alborz Money Exchange Services Company

Persian/Iranian Currency exchange service in Gothenburg, Sweden

We have more than 15 years of experience in currency exchange and money transfer. We are registered and have a permit from the Financial Supervisory Authority as Registrar. payment service provider. Our exchange rates are extremely competitive. As if you want to make money at the next exchange or transfer, you will get in touch with us. We are a company with a lot of experience, the right condition and good prices.

Alborz trademark has been familiar with Iran for more than 15 years in the field of buying and selling currency and sending money to Iran and from Iran to Sweden for Iranians.

We are proud to announce that this currency exchange broker will continue to sell and trade currency and legal activity under the supervision of the Swedish Swedish Economy.

You can contact the Alborz Office in Iran or in Sweden to transfer and get the best price and guidance.

Note that by choosing our currency exchange, you will not be legally ineligible and you will receive a receipt for any type of purchase and sale. Rules for sending money to Iran and from Iran to Sweden

If you are willing to make a transaction and send money to Iran and from Iran to Sweden, you have chosen the right way. Because our currency exchange is legally authorized by the Swedish government, please pay attention to the following.

Iranian Currency exchange service in Gothenburg

After you have agreed on the rate and method of sending money, you must get a membership fee. This membership will make it easier and easier to work later in order to take a photo of your authoritative Swedish identity card and make it Send the number 0700923156 to order your registration as a member

Then transfer money to your bank account number and write your name in the message box, then contact the currency exchange office and provide your data and the recipient to send your request to Sweden from Sweden and receive the money the next day.

2. Note that money transfers to the bank account without sending an ID card will not be affected and this money will be returned to the account first.