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Irex Exchange, The exchange rates the currency service at the best rate and without a fee. 
Welcome to the Irex Stock Exchange in Utbaud (Gothenburg)! Wherever it speaks of credit.
My name is tongue! Irs Exchange, the speed of work, reliability, and satisfaction we broker in Yotbury (Gutenberg)
With over 23 years of reputation for buying and selling currency and transferring money to Iran, it is still ahead.
Buy and sell the world’s reputable currencies at the lowest competitive price of the day without asking
for any fees from the IRS Exchange in Utaburi!
Our bank account number: Swed bank: 81059-0903- 087-3559 Before taking any action, consult with us.
Our Persian/Iranian financial services in, Gothenburg, Sweden

Ali Khanzadeh Vakil Kandi

IREX Transfer offers one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money from anywhere to all over the world.
We take pride in being close to how our Transfer offers are one of the easiest ways for families and,
friends to send money from anywhere to all over the world.
We take pride in being close to our customers. Furthermore, in integrity, passion, teamwork, and systems with hard work management.
Connect us for Money Transfer to the domestic payment network of several countries all over the world.
We therefore advise you to choose a local payment method on our network for your money transfer.
IREX Transfer allows its customers to send and receive money. In low-cost transfers,
reliable and secure to provide the perfect service to thousands of students, families and business owners.
They base our operating practices on principles of trust, precision and follow-up services.

Our principal branches are in Sweden and Denmark.

In all this time and to grow and expand this collection,
culture of collaboration and service quality has also developed and progressed,
and the organization gets to reach its perfection.
Quality and giving the best services from this organization
during its long-acting career, our support for growing success will still be added.
IREX Transfer system in present time is a combination
of expertise and efficient staff in monetary and exchange affairs with a backpack of experience.
We know that valuable presents and high-quality service are our success in currency exchange affairs.
With this description, we can consider ourselves the closest group to you in transferring currency.
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