Ferec Serce | Goteborg, Sweden


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Ferec Serce | Goteborg, Sweden

Ferec Serce | Goteborg, Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, Persian, Dari, Turkish, Kurdish

The law firm Serce & Partners has solid experience and special expertise in human law. Our special areas are migration law, family law, criminal law, social law, litigation, and tax law. Our vision and primary purpose is to help people regardless of language, background or financial situation. The lawyers working at the firm are driven by loyalty and dedication to each individual case.

The law firm Serce & Partners has over the years been involved in medically recognized goals and successfully assisted clients. As a party to these cases, you are usually always entitled to choose your representative who will represent you throughout the legal process. Make sure that there is a representative who is really committed and takes care of your rights.

Ferec Serce, Goteborg, Advokatfirman, Serce & Partners, Farsi speaking lawyer in Sweden


  • Migration law
  • family law
  • litigation
  • criminal cases
  • social law
  • general practice

In legal matters, the state gets help from paying your agent or public assistant if you are unable to pay the cost yourself. If conditions are available, we can also assist by applying for general legal aid or legal protection. We protect your rights. Are you in need of legal services or maybe just need some advice? Contact us for a free consultation.