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Yazdanyar Law Offices specializes in assisting clients worldwide to comply with and address issues related to the sanctions programs administered by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Our practice has assisted thousands of clients with the legal and transparent transfer of assets from a sanctioned countries to the United States and/or obtaining specific licenses from OFAC authorizing otherwise prohibited transactions.

In addition to facilitating the legal transfer of assets and working with OFAC to obtain specific licenses, At Yazdanyar Law Offices our firm has successfully defended federally prosecuted clients on issues relating to U.S. trade sanctions and handled OFAC matters arising before the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Empowering Your Business with Expert Compliance Training and Consulting Services

And finally, Our firm offers worldwide compliance training and consulting, helping businesses navigate evolving U.S. sanctions regulations. We empower businesses to grasp the complex and changing U.S. sanctions programs, ensuring their success. Thus, our practice encompasses the far-reaching regulatory, enforcement, and criminal aspects of sanctions law.

Our distinctive edge lies in understanding U.S. sanctions, banking laws, and sanctioned countries’ culture, ensuring transparent, effective solutions.

Your Gateway to Effective Sanctions Compliance Solutions

Yazdanyar Law Offices specializes in global sanctions compliance, assisting clients worldwide with U.S. Department of Treasury’s OFAC programs.
We facilitate legal asset transfers and secure OFAC licenses for clients, authorizing otherwise prohibited transactions.
Our firm successfully defends clients facing U.S. trade sanctions issues and handles OFAC matters.
Above all, At Yazdanyar Law Offices We offer compliance training and consulting services to corporations, aiding them in navigating complex U.S. sanctions programs.
Our practice spans regulatory, enforcement, and criminal aspects of sanctions law, providing a holistic approach. What distinguishes us is our comprehensive understanding of U.S. sanctions and the culture and regulations of sanctioned countries.