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Toronto Abedi Law Office

Toronto Abedi Law Office | Persian/Iranian Lawyer in Vaughan, Ontario

Experience, Dedication, and Justice The Law Office of Dr Naser Abedi were established in 2001 as a law firm operating from the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada and primarily practising Family Law, Immigration Law, Business Law, and Wills and Power of Attorney.
Our firm maintains many affiliates in other key areas of law, as well.
Our firm prides itself on its track record of expertise, dedication, and ethical responsibility.
Our clients are very satisfied with their experience at our law firm because we pay attention to the needs of our clients and provide friendly, honest, compassionate, and trustworthy legal representation.
Nothing demonstrates this more than the fact that a great quantity of our clients is based on repeat representation and referrals from past clients.
When you choose our practice to handle your legal dilemma, you can rest assured that we will commit our years of education, experience, and excellence to your legal matter and maintain communication with you throughout the process.
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The Abedi Law firm was established in 2001. Operating throughout the Greater Toronto Area (ON, Canada). A firm providing legal services in both English and Farsi. Iranian Lawyer in Vaughan
Experience Since 1993, Dr Abedi has worked in immigration as an immigration advisor. Since 2001, Dr Abedi has practised Family Law, Business Law, and Wills.
Since 2012, Dr Abedi expanded into Real Estate. He has assisted many clients all over the world with a wide range of business, family, real estate, and immigration matters.
  • Immigration Law
  • Family Class (Sponsorship)
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs (Quebec)
  • Skilled Worker
  • Study Permit
  • Visit
  • Renewal of PR Card
  • Application for Citizenship
  • US Immigration
  • Green Card through Family
  • Green Card through Job Offer
  • Student Visa
  • Entrepreneur and Investor (EB-5)

Education Dr Abedi received his first law degree in Iran. He received his second law degree, LL.B, in Canada. Dr Abedi pursued a further legal education in the United Kingdom.

He received his Master of Laws, LL.M, and his Doctor of Laws, Ph.D., in the United Kingdom.

We are a Canadian law firm, providing legal assistance to clients.

This firm was established in 2001. Our office speaks English, Turkish (Azerbaijani) and Persian (Farsi) fluently.

We assist clients in every stage that they require us.