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Derham Exchange

Derham Exchange | Iranian/Persian Money Exchange Service in Thornhill

We utilize our experience, expertise and vast international network to provide the best service to our customers

1. Derham Inc

Derham Exchange is a registered and legal Money Service Business, authorized by FINTRAC to participate in foreign exchange dealing and remitting/transmitting funds.

Our Canadian office is conveniently located in Yonge and Clark in Richmond Hill (Toronto).

FINTRAC registration number: M15529408  To see Derham’s FINTRAC profile click here To read more about FINTRAC and its role in overseeing operations of all Money Service Businesses in Canada please click here

2. Our Exchange Business

We buy or sell all currencies in cash at the office location. We also accept your cheques issued from Canadian banks.

For our loyal customers, if requested, we are able to issue cheques in Canadian dollars from Derham’s business account to be directly deposited into their bank account.

Cheques must be only in Canadian or United Stated Dollars currency Five days holding period will be applied to the cheque by the bank. This is not under Derham’s control or influence.

Iranian Money Exchange Service in Thornhill

3. Our Wire Services

Derham exchange has branches around the world^. We offer special wire service^^ to all customers with no additional service fee which makes transactions across continents safe and secure and completed in a matter of seconds. Europe, Middle East and North America

Customers are required to have a valid account on destination country to be able to use this service.