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Serapi Rug Gallery

Serapi Rug Gallery | Iranian rugs in Los Gatos, CA

We offer a collection of the finest handmade area rugs in traditional, transitional & modern styles. For clients looking for Iranian Antique Rugs, in our gallery, you will find collectible antique rugs from mid to late 19th Century.
We also offer the production of custom rugs that are made on our running looms throughout Asia.

These hand-made rugs are created and are tailored to the size and requirements of our clients.

Our business also specializes in the proper and meticulous hand washing techniques and restoration that are needed to enhance your rugs durability and beauty for the future.
These services include Rug Hand Wash – Rug Restoration – Rug Repair & Appraisal, Rug Cleaning, and Deodorizing.

The “deep cleaning” service we provide ensures that each rug is thoroughly hand-washed to enhance its beauty and durability for many years of use. Services include stain removals, moth-proofing, deodorizing and just about any type of repair and restoration.

Pickup & delivery option is available for a 30-mile radius!

Established in 2010. After 16 years in the rug business in Florida, in 2010 my wife Mahdis and I opened our store in Los Gatos with a vision of showcasing the finest hand-made carpets in a gallery setting. We are continually inspired by the limitless possibilities of combining modern design with ancient weaving techniques that create lasting works of art.

Today, we carry this vision by traveling the world and hand-picking each rug based on quality, design, and artistic merit.  We pay special attention to the social conditions under which his rugs are woven, and are a proud supporter and sponsor of Goodweave, a non-profit organization working to end child labor in the carpet industry.

At Serpai Rug Gallery, we proudly source our high quality, hand-made rugs from various parts of the globe. By doing so, we support local communities around the world, contributing to their economies, and perpetuating their unique heritage.

It is our pleasure to introduce our customers to the beautiful craftsmanship from countries such as Nepal, India, and Morocco, allowing these communities to share a little bit of themselves with all of you. We strive to ensure our rugs are sourced in ethical and environmentally sustainable ways, and that our weavers are fairly compensated and provided with education, healthcare, and housing.