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Mehraban Rugs

Mehraban Rugs | Los Angeles, CA

Taste. Refinement. Originality. Style. Sophistication. That’s what you’ll discover in the new and antique rug collections at Mehraban. For three generations, we have always put the poetry, mystery and artistry of rug weaving at the forefront of every new rug innovation or antique acquisition.

We believe that handmade area rugs have the power to unite cultures, as remote communities of weavers across the ocean painstakingly craft these artworks, which they are shipped across the world to touch and complete the lives of others. The people matter; their stories matter; the honourable age-old craft of weaving is the ultimate testimony of lives lived with purpose.

That’s because, at the hands of master weavers, each new or antique Mehraban rug has been infused with the soul and spirit of its creators, who work on these pieces for months on end. To see a finished rug beautifully completing a home or workspace is part of the divine circle of life of a Mehraban handmade new or antique rug.

We care about what our wholesale customers put in their stores and what our retail customers put in their homes. Our vision is to create and select what is unique, special and relevant for today.

In our cutting-edge new creations, we pay extraordinary attention to our finishing processes, which include hand washing, hand shearing and other proprietary details, all which play a critical part in the final product.

In our hand-selected antique rugs, you’ll see subtleties of culture, weave, tribe, iconic symbolism, materials, dyes and even notice geographical differences between rugs woven near the mountains and those made closer to the sea. Each of these details has a distinct impact on the materials, quality and fineness of our antique rugs.

We are a Los Angeles based rugs store. Our passion and expertise for timeless design and organic woven arts inform every luxurious new rug we create or hand-select. Meticulously crafted, our new rugs reinvent tradition, as a classic, transitional and contemporary styles come alive in patterns, colours and environmentally friendly fibres that are relevant for today. Our museum-quality antique rugs transport you in time with provenance and rich history visible in every hand-knotted thread. Our clients are upscale rug stores, design professionals, and speciality wholesale clientele. Please explore our all-new online showroom and visit our retail store to feel the Mehraban difference yourself.