Persian Tradition Wine


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Persian Tradition Wine

Persian Tradition Wine – The first wine especially created for the Persian cuisine!

The first wine with the poetry of both Khayyam and Hafiz on the label The first wine with poetry in Persian / Farsi writing on the label Award-winning wine from the Central Coast in California

The history of making wine in Persia dates back almost 7000 years.

According to an ancient Persian legend, the history of wine began with a beautiful princess who lost favor with the mythological King Jamshid. Overwhelmed with pain and sorrow the princess tried to poison herself by drinking juice from a jar filled with spoiled grapes. After experiencing the juice’s intoxicating effects she fell asleep. The next morning the princess awoke and she discovered she no longer felt depressed but rejuvenated instead. She took her discovery to the King who became so enamored with this new “potion” that he accepted her back and she regained the King’s favor. Thereafter the King shared this wonderful finding with his entire court and decreed that all grapes grown in Persepolis would be devoted to winemaking. (Persian Wine Factory)

The tradition of making wine started in Persia thousands of years ago. A tradition that we want to continue with wines that are vinted with the utmost care and dedication in California. Two iconic grape varietals are presented in a ‘Chardonnay’ and a ‘Shiraz’. These wines are beautifully balanced not to overpower the delicate Persian flavors but to accompany the authentic Persian cuisine. Find our wine in over 44 restaurants or enjoy the wine at home with family and friend

Our white grapes are sourced with care from the Los Alamos Valley in Santa Barbara County. The transverse mountain range topography of the valley allows warm days and cool nights to produce a long and nourishing growing season. “Golden yellow in color, creamy vanilla, apricots and ripe pineapple on the nose. The palate is firm and fruit driven with an essence of tropical fruits and a touch of creaminess that integrates wonderfully with delicate oak notes.” Try Persian Tradition Chardonnay with an eggplant dish like ‘kashke bademjan’, a homemade stew like ‘ghoreshte gheymeh’ or with grilled saffron chicken skewers.