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Nazem Rafiee Family Mediation

Nazem Rafiee Family Mediation Services: 

Our office has a great deal of respect for families and it is this regard which drives us. It is an unfortunate truth that couples experience marital difficulties and that these difficulties may lead to divorce.

We believe in making every effort to preserve the care and respect which brought the individuals together, offering family coaching, personal coaching, mediation and full-service legal document preparation services, legal separation in Los Angeles court services.

Our principals have many years of experience to apply to your important matter.

Our paramount goal is to make every effort to preserve the dignity of the precious family unit through an inclusive, proactive approach as opposed to grinding it down through an angry lengthy process. Whenever possible we hope that families will attempt mediation over litigation.

MOST individuals and families believe that their only options are to enter into a lengthy, costly and emotionally devastating legal conflict. Mediation is the smart, effective alternative to a destructive battle, prone to leave lasting scars on the family unit.

Discover for yourself how we can help. Our team of dedicated, experienced Mediators can assist you in reaching an amicable resolution allowing you to get on with your lives.

MEDIATION is an opportunity to resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner, minimizing the harmful trauma associated with a protracted, combative environment.

In mediation, the parties are invited to sit with a neutral third party who will help the parties to engage in constructive dialogue with the end goal of resolving the disputed issues to the satisfaction of all parties. Unlike a litigious court proceeding, mediation allows the parties themselves to be the final decision makers. 

IS there such a thing as a peaceful divorce? Absolutely! If you are going to fight, why not fight for an amicable resolution to your dissolution. The direction of your divorce is truly in your own hands.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to resolving your important conflict matters through the established process of mediation. We handle everything from Divorces, Legal Separations, Child Custody/Visitation Concerns, Civil Disputes, Business Conflicts and More. 

Preparing for Litigation? First Consider Mediation.