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Lake Forest Dental Choice

Lake Forest Dental Choice

Dr. Sanaz Abadi

Dr. Sanaz Abadi is A Dentist At Lake Forest Dental Choice

It is the dentist near you providing general, cosmetic & wellness treatments with attractive offers for new and existing patients. They’re your family dentist in Lake Forest, CA, 92630 with 35+ years of experience and uses advanced technology for treatment.

They also specialize in oral cancer screening & sleep apnea treatment, providing holistic care to those seeking a dentist in Mission Viejo.

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Dr. Abadi’s dental philosophy and approach is centered on patient education and patient empowerment. She is a firm believer in that only through knowledge can we make the best decisions about our health. Her goal with each and every patient is to empower them with the information necessary to help them get, and maintain a healthy mouth.

Dr. Abadi’s approach to dentistry is holistic in that the mouth is part of the entire body and a healthy mouth is vital to one’s overall health. Along with her passion for dentistry, Dr. Abadi is passionate about helping patient who are at risk for a Sleep Breathing Disorder, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Every patient that comes to Lake Forest Dental Choice will be screened and assessed for risk factors for Sleep Breathing Disorders and managed and treated as necessary.

Dr. Abadi obtained her Bachelor’s degree with honors in Biological Science at the University Of Waterloo, In Ontario Canada in 2003. She graduated as Cum Laude from Boston University Henry M.Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 2007. Since then, she has continued her dental education in many areas including Invisalign, Implant Dentistry, and Cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Abadi has also completed a 6 month residency at the UCLA School Of Dentistry in 2016 with a focus on Dental Sleep Medicine. She is certified with the ACSDD (Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines) as well as a preferred dental provider with Dream Sleep. In her free time, Dr. Abadi likes to spend time with her husband, and their 2 children. She also enjoys spending time outdoors, running by the beach, playing tennis, farmers markets and cooking.

At Lake Forest Dental Choice, with over 35 years of combined experience, Dr. Abadi and her team of professionals are here for all your oral health needs.

Our vision for you is to be healthy enough where you only need regular cleanings. Wouldn’t it be great to love visiting your dentist?