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Los Angeles House Of Kabab

Los Angeles House Of Kabab: Los Angeles House Of Kabab PERSIAN CUISINE Established in 2000,

House Of Kabab (It’s All Good) Persian Cuisine Family owned restaurant is your delicious and traditional Iranian and Mediterranean dining experience located in Tarzan California. House Of Kabab restaurant offers an elegant dining experience, full catering services.

We believe that Persian Cuisine must have outstanding quality and service. We use the world’s best known Indian Basmati rice and the freshest handpicked vegetables. We make and serve food with love.

Persian food here is an eclectic reflection of our healthy kitchen and food always been graded “A by Health Department.

We sincerely hope you enjoy dining with us. Persian Restaurant

Persian cuisine is simply prepared with great technique in order to create a wonderful balance of flavour and aroma. We hope to spread our love for Persian food to all those willing to join us at the table. Noosh-e-Joon (Enjoy)!

Are you hunting for a Persian restaurant? Middle Eastern restaurants may have become ubiquitous in LA, but one specific cuisine is still sorely underrepresented: yep, Persian food.

The marinated meats and Kabab (Kebab-Kabob) of the Iranian people (and its diaspora), can be found on every corner, but the House Of Kabab It’s All Good that specializes in it have grown cult followings for good reason.

Let’s just talk about Kabab; Kabab (Lamb, Chicken, Ground Meat) Kebabs have more variety than you might think. First, there’s koobideh, ground meat seasoned with minced onion, salt and pepper.

It sounds simple, but the taste is sublime. There is kebab-e barg, thinly sliced lamb or beef, flavoured with lemon juice and onion and basted with saffron and butter.

Chicken kebab, known as joojeh, is traditionally made from a whole chicken, bones and all, for more flavour(although in American restaurants it’s often made from the skinless chicken breast), marinated in lemon and onion, and basted with saffron and butter.

he Isfahani Beryani  One of the many eternal Persian food questions in the U.S and mostly in Los Angeles, California is where to get the best Beryani. Proudly we are the first and only serving every day this traditional dish.

What is Beryani or Biryani? Persian/Iranian Restaurant in Los Angeles, California

Beryani is made with cooked mutton or lamb, which is stewed and minced separately, and then grilled in special small round shallow pans in an oven or over a fire.

The meat is generally served with powdered cinnamon in with occasionally “nan-e sangak”.