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Dizin Persian Cuisine | Los Angeles, CA

Dizin Persian Cuisine | Los Angeles, CA: 


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Persian Flavors: We are true to our culture, true to our cuisine, and proud to serve the best Persian dishes.
From the start, our mission has been to offer genuine Persian cuisine to the Los Angeles community

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Real Flavors, Real Fresh: Dizin offers a healthy option to the typical fast food restaurant. Our goal is to serve great food at a good price that is appealing to all. We’ve brought grandma’s traditional recipes to Reseda in our family run restaurant. We extend a special welcome to our vegetarian friends who will find a nice selection of vegetarian dishes.

Our top quality beef and chicken is hormone free and ground on the premises.

We take pride in the freshness of our food and the cleanliness of our dining room. Come “break bread” with us. ( Persian restaurant )

QUALITY SERVICE: Dizin’s guests have proven to be our best supporters.

Recommendations from happy diners have helped us achieve an unprecedented level of success in just one short year. Flavorful and fresh food keeps our customers returning.

Bringing their friends and family with them when they do keeps Dizin attentive and appreciative.

Our genuinely warm customer service is designed to make one feel “welcome in our home”.

We put great effort into a meeting or beating expectations at every opportunity. Allow our team to serve you with heart and passion. We aim to be an appealing, affordable, authentic alternative.


The freshness of our Food: We began with a dream of creating a stylish restaurant offering a healthy option to the typical fast food establishment. Since opening over a year ago, our purpose has been twofold.

One, to serve great food, and two, to offer it at a good price I’ve brought grandma’s traditional, home cooked, Persian recipes to Reseda in our family run restaurant.

We realize there are many dining choices available and hope that our passion to offer a great dining experience will set us apart.

ALLOW OUR TEAM TO SERVE YOU: With Heart and Passion:

At Dizin we welcome our guests upon arrival, we thank and bid them good night when they depart and while they dine with us we are attentive to their needs.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance and we will always check to make sure you are enjoying our food and service.


We aim to make your visit memorable and your return unquestionable. YOU are our most important guest!


Persian Flavors

dizin Persian cuisine

We are true to our culture, true to our cuisine, and proud to serve the best Persian dishes.

X Name of restaurant: Dizin Persian Cuisine – Dizin is one of the most popular ski resorts in Iran (hence the image of the snow-capped mountains on the logo).

The owner, Kathy Roshanai, runs the kitchen and the accounts.

Since it’s a family affair, you may see her husband, Kevin, drop in, still in uniform from his auto shop. Their 5-year-old son might be playing a game on his iPad. Kathy’s mom may just pop her head out of the kitchen while taking a break from making the house stews.

Where you are: In a small mini-mall on the southeast corner of Reseda Boulevard and Vanowen Street. The restaurant is hidden behind the El Pollo Loco. The restaurant opened in April.

What you’re eating: The house fesenjoon (sometimes spelt fesenjan) is a dark and brooding stew of chicken, pomegranate sauce and walnut puree simmered into a sweet and sour concoction. Theirs has just the right amount of tart, while still maintaining a fruity sweetness that isn’t overpowering. Order it served over the tadig (crispy rice) as an appetizer, or as an entrée over basmati rice.

You also can’t go wrong with either the ghemeh or ghemeh bademjan. The beef stews date back to Mesopotamian times and are a celebration of tomatoes, yellow split peas, saffron, onions and a couple hidden bits of preserved lemon.

What else you’re eating: The chicken, beef and lamb koobideh are ground in-house for a fresh and subtle flavour. All the entrees are served with a seasonal grilled vegetable, basmati rice, a small green salad and warm slices of pita bread with little pats of butter on the side.

On a hot summer day, the rosewater and saffron scented Persian ice cream is the perfect end to a filling meal.

If you’re not a fan of rosewater, try a slice of the tiramisu. Kathy makes it in sheets and cuts out generous squares of the brew-soaked dessert, sprinkled with coffee grounds (because there’s no such thing as too much coffee in a tiramisu).

What you’re looking at: The small and cosy dining room has exposed wood accents on the white and orange walls. The open stainless-steel kitchen is where the kebobs are grilled, while the rest of the culinary magic happens in the back kitchen.

What you’re drinking: Bottles of doogh, the savoury Persian yoghurt drink, are available in a refrigerated cooler. There are also plenty of soft drinks.