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Kimia Exchange | Solna, Stockholm

Kimia Exchange

Giti Travel Trading Company

Travel Trading Company Exchange, Iranian Currency Service in Solna, Stockholm

Kimia currency exchange in the Solna district of Stockholm Buy and Sell Currencies (Euros and Dollars) at the best and most suitable prices from the Kimia Exchange in Stockholm.

Kimia Exchange is authorized by the Swedish Ministry of Finance (Finansinspektion) to serve the interests of Iranian and Russian speakers living in Sweden. Contact us for information about the price of the currency.

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The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s assessment

Kimia Exchange Giti Travel Trading Company (the company) is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The business description shows that the company deals with the sale of airline tickets, currency exchange and money transfer.

The company notified FI on November 19, 2009, in accordance with the Act (1996: 1006) on the duty to notify regarding certain financial activities (AnmL) that the company operated with money transfer.

On August 1, 2010, AnmL ceased to apply for money transfer operations. In its place, LBT began to apply for, among other things, business with money transfer. Iranian Currency Service in Solna

The company has not submitted any application to provide payment services according to LBT.

From the company’s website and telephone conversations with one of the company’s company members, Parviz Samimi, on November 2, 2010, it is clear that the company still provides money transfer.

FI thus finds it clear that the company operates activities that require permits according to LBT without having permission to do so. The company should therefore immediately cease this activity.

If this is not the case, FI can apply to the court for a fine, ie. a fee of SEK 50,000 was imposed. FI gives the company three weeks from the date of this decision to wind up its business and customer relations with regard to payment services.

During this time, the company may not enter into new business relationships or perform any additional paid services. Payment orders where funds have been received for money transfer before 17 November 2010 may, however, be implemented.

Note that this does not apply to any standing transfers from payment service users or customers, such as monthly recurring transfers via direct debit or the like. FI will check that this order is followed by the company.