Mediterranean Restaurant in San Diego


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Mediterranean Restaurant in San Diego

Mediterranean Restaurant in San Diego

Permanently closed

The stylish brick-lined lounge boasts Mediterranean fare, hookahs, happy hour & an outdoor patio.

Mediterranean Restaurant in San Diego

This restaurant is permanently closed.

Haji Baba is a Mediterranean lounge known for its authentic Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It has a lively ambience and hosts musical events.

On Fridays and Saturdays, there is live music and belly dancers for entertainment.

The wait staff at there is friendly and polite.

It offers hookah in different flavours and also has a full bar where patrons can have their fill of fine vintage wine.

It also serves as a place where people can host special events.

Popular menu entrées served at Haji Baba are fresh.

They include a variety of shawarma including beef lamb and chicken, many varieties of salads like the Fattoush and Greek salads. Persian Restaurant in San Diego

For starters, the labneh which is strained yoghurt with dry mint, za’atar and olive oil is a customer favourite.

A variety of kabobs like kofta kabob and tikkas like chicken, beef and lamb tikkas are also on the menu.

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Haji Baba is a wonderful place to experience the joys of Mediterranean cuisine and cultures of that experience.

We have a wonderful menu of authentic Mediterranean Menu that will delight the most discriminate eater.

Our Bar has beer and non alcoholic drinks for your enjoyment but don’t forget the Hookah Lounge where you will savor the different flavors of Al Fakher.

Join us and experience the delights we have to offer

Drinks1/2 Off Drinks Food$2 French Fries, $2.50 Hummus, Green Olives, Zaatar Maneesh, $3 Babba Ghanouj, Labneh, Falafel, Cheese Sticks, $3.50 Tabbouleh, Grape Leaves, Fattoush, Yogurt Delight, Shanklish, Feta Cheese, Spinach Pie, $4 Kibbeh, Fish and Fries, $4.50 Fried Shrimps