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Bita Hamidi Law Offices

Law Offices of Bita Hamidi, ALC is a full-service firm providing Southern California with the highest quality of legal representation.

The firm deals with all matters pertaining to United States Immigration & Naturalization including family-based, employment-based, and investment-based visas.

We are an experienced and skilled immigration law firm dedicated to assisting clients with family and business-related immigration and naturalization issues, especially difficult and complex cases.

We will represent you for all of your immigration and naturalization needs and we have the superior legal expertise and the skills necessary to navigate this complicated legal process.

As a resident or non-resident, it is in your best interest to hire an immigration attorney to assist you with the complex and often confusing issues surrounding immigration laws. Iranian Criminal Law Attorneys in California

People seeking Immigration benefits in the U.S. must make sure that they understand precisely what the legal issues are and how best to present their case.

The Law Offices of Bita Hamidi also represents clients with Business Formations. (Iranian Attorney in San Diego)

Bita Hamidi is an attorney licensed by the State Bar of California. She formed her own practice in November 2006. Prior to forming her own practice, she was an associate at the Law Firm of Robert L. Miller and Associates for a period of five years where she handled Immigration, Criminal & Estate Planning matters.

Before joining Robert Miller and Associates, she worked as the Director of the Human Resources Department at National University, dealing daily in matters involving issues related to Labor and Employment Law, as well as Discrimination Claims. She also ran a successful law firm practising in the greater Los Angeles area.

Ms Hamidi practices in the areas of Immigration and Business Formation. Through her experience and knowledge of Human Resources, as well as in her practice of law, she has extensive experience in negotiating and settling difficult matters and has developed an excellent reputation in court.

Ms Hamidi is admitted to practice Federal Law before the United States Southern District and Central District of California and is a member of the San Diego County Bar Association.

Ms Hamidi is also fluent in Farsi and has extensive connections within the Iranian Community.

Parsa is a Legal Assistant and works in our San Diego office assisting in Immigration cases.

  • He is currently attending school working towards his bachelor’s degree.
  • Mr Hamidnia speaks fluent Farsi.

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