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Farhad Moghaddam | Frankfurt

Farhad Moghaddam | Frankfurt

Practice areas

  • Business Law
  • Family / Divorce
  • Immigration Germany

Farsi, German

Farhad Moghaddam’s law office is widely accepted in the fields of economic affairs and commercial law, civil rights, immigration and foreign law, as well as the rights of the client’s family. Our advocacy office provides global clients with a range of legal counseling and professional services to clients’ legal affairs and court affairs.

It is available in several languages: German, Persian and English. In partnership with prominent law offices in Tehran, Dubai, Barcelona And our Los Angeles office has an international network of lawyers who are able to meet world-class lawyers to solve legal problems with their clients, and in this context, in commercial matters, contract law, and any other legal affairs, the client is backed up.

Commercial and Economic Rights In the field of corporate, office, and custody, Mr. Moghaddam provides his services from legal advice on the establishment of any legal entity (for example: a limited liability company, a joint-stock company, etc.) and conducts any international and national trade in Germany.

Farhad Moghaddam | Persian Business Lawyer Frankfurt, Germany

In addition to that, Mr. Moghaddam’s lawyer’s office provides services for regulating international and national contracts in the framework of commercial law. Foreign companies also provide other services, for example, negotiating exclusive contracts with leading German companies and negotiating with companies through our registration. German Immigration and Federal Foreigners Mr Moghaddam’s law office accepts all legal affairs for clients in all matters relating to immigration rights and German federal foreigners.

In the case of endowment residence through Mr. Moghadam’s office provides full services. These services include the Businessplan and Financeplan, as well as the establishment of the company on various Forms of legal personality, as a limited liability company and a joint stock company, the opening of a bank account and the processing of all administrative affairs and the preparation of Applications for investment in accordance with Article 21 of the Federal Residency Law Germany. Residence permits through Investment and Free Employment in accordance with Article 21 of the German Federal Residency Law