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Mana Amiri | Frankfurt, Germany

Mana Amiri | Frankfurt, Germany

Mana Amiri | Frankfurt, Germany Professional background Acquisition of the general university entrance qualification in Frankfurt am Main Mana Amiri Studied law at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University also in Frankfurt am Main. There u.a. Degree in Civil Law with Prof. em. Dr. Paul Wolf. During his studies, numerous studies accompanying law students and companies in the area of ??economic, individual and collective employment law as well as medical and medical liability law.

After the first state examination u.a. Practical training as a trainee lawyer in civil law at the district court of Wiesbaden and the prosecutor Wiesbaden, police headquarters Frankfurt am Main

Mana Amiri, Persian Lawyer firm in Frankfurt, Germany

After completing the second state examination Admission to the Bar by the Bar Association Frankfurt am Main. Attorney at Law Amiri has valuable experience and special knowledge in employment law, medical and medical liability law as well as civil procedure law.

Attorney Amiri is a member of the German Bar Association (DAV)

  • Law firm founded in Frankfurt am Main
  • continuing Professional Education
  • Specialist lawyer course for employment law in Frankfurt am Main
  • Specialist lawyer course in corporate law in Frankfurt am Main
  • Specialist lawyer course for medical law in Berlin

Mana Amiri | Frankfurt, Persian Lawyer Frankfurt, Germany, Rechtsanwältin Mana Amiri, Persian Lawyer firm in Frankfurt


  • I dedicate my mandates with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. My way of working is characterized by efficiency, professionalism and clarity of purpose. I develop an individual strategy for each case, which is tailored to the special legal situation, your personal goals and interests. I always keep an eye on the feasible and advise you accordingly.


  • I attach great importance to a transparent and comprehensible fee structure. I will inform you about the expected costs before you start, and keep you up-to-date on all questions during the mandate, so that no unexpected costs will come to you, thus allowing you full cost control and planning security.

First consultation at Mana Amiri | Frankfurt, Germany

  • In addition, you can limit the representation to a first, cost-effective consultation, if you have specific legal questions, but have not yet decided whether a further course of action makes sense at all.
  • Depending on the case and mandate, I offer the following billing options:

Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)

  • In judicial disputes, I generally count on the Lawyers Compensation Act (RVG). The amount of the fees depends on the object value. Legal expenses insurances take legal fees in the context of the RVG. Of course, I will take over the entire correspondence with your insurance company free of charge.
  • You can find out more about billing according to the RVG in the brochure of the Federal Bar Association (, which is available for download below.

Fee agreement:

  • In addition, there is the possibility, in particular for advisory mandates, to agree on a lump-sum fee or remuneration based on hourly rates (time fee), whereby I will discuss with you the most cost-effective and sensible fee agreement with you during the first interview.

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