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Top 10 Iranian Comedy Movies

  1. Leily is With Me

  2. Mom's Guest

  3. No Men Allowed

  4. Saint Petersburg

  5. Sperm Whale

  6. Sperm Whale

  7. Tambourine

  8. Tambourine — Dayere Zangi

  9. The Lizard (Marmoolak)

  10. The Tenants: Ejareh Neshinha

— Tambourine — Dayere Zangi

Parisa Bakhtavar's light-hearted drama is
A film is full of colorful characters.

However, Largely comprises pacy, dynamic vignettes.

So, linked by an illegal satellite!

For instance, They installed dishes on the roof of an apartment block.

The vignettes wittily glimpse into.

On a single day, the very different lives of the people who live or visit the block.

Meanwhile, Centering on the luckless Mammad's efforts to fix and install satellites amidst

After that, With the chaotic behavior of residents and the mysterious Shirin's dealings with Mammad and the residents of the building, Tambourine is a thoroughly enjoyable romp.

— The Lizard (Marmoolak) 

A satirical commentary on ecclesiastics in post-revolutionary Iran.

While in prison, Petty criminal Reza comes across as an ecclesiastic,

Sparking an escape plan.

Reza dons his new acquaintance's clerical robes and

Makes a bid for Freedom.

He soon learns that being an ecclesiastic brings little respect from the public.

Reza travels to the outlying villages, from where he plots to escape

The country.

However, his plans must be put on hold.

When the villagers accept him into

Their community expects him to perform religious duties.

Will Reza's prison break transform him into an unlikely pillar of the community?

The Tenants: Ejareh Neshinha

Set almost entirely in a residential building on the outskirts of Tehran,

As a result, Several tenants encounter a series of problems with

their homes.

The owner of the building

Abbas, however, is careless, refusing to maintain the property.

What begins as a few leaks and cracks here, and there escalates into a matter of life. And death, as the tenants, struggle to deal with setback after setback.

Some things are complicated.

By a dispute regarding the building's heir, engineered in part by the conniving

Qualam. A dramatic portrayal of domestic chaos.