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Weddings are wonderful. They are also stressful. Whether you are the bride, groom, parent, wedding party member, you need to relax and get your mind organized to make the most of this special day. It may be an unusual application of hypnosis, but hypnosis can help.

I am not talking about bachelor/bachelorette party r-rated hypnosis. I don’t do that. I am talking about getting the jitters under control using the power of your mind.

Welcome to Zoom Bridal Coaching! We provide Life Coaching to Brides and Bridal Parties. What is Bridal Coaching?  It is an area of Life Coaching that provides support and mentoring to Brides as they plan their Weddings.

Bridal Coaching is a process in which a Bride and a Coach partner to make all the Bride’s dreams come true – without the stress that can accompany Wedding planning.   The Bridal Coach gives the client tools and nurturing ideas to move easily through the process of Wedding Planning and Engagement.

The coach works with a number of modalities:  Powerful Questions, Guided Imagery, Humor and Caring to put the Bride into a good place mentally in preparation for the wedding.

All About You

Best Wishes!  You are going to get married!  You are the Bride!  You are about to plan the Perfect Wedding.

The wedding is all about you.  You are the central character, and your wedding dress is the centerpiece of the day.  At the same time, you want to honor the Groom, your parents, his parents, and all your friends and relatives who have come to celebrate this joyous occasion with you!