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Ziba Restaurant

Ziba Restaurant | San Jose, CA

Ziba Restaurant, a family-owned Persian Restaurant, welcomes families, friends, and neighbors for an unforgettable experience. Once there, you are attended to like a family while the excellent staff delivers tasty, authentic, classic Persian food. Ziba Restaurant has withheld its origins and has brought back a piece of the Persian Tradition. With mellow music playing the in the background and a friendly environment, our goal is to provide you with the best reasonably priced cooking. When you step into Ziba Restaurant, you are instantly swept up by ways of mouth-watering fragrances, wafting delightfully from the assortment of dishes we are carrying out from the kitchen.

All of our dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients and the finest halal meat. Many things separate Persian food. While we use the basic ingredients, we also add ingredients that enhance it: Pomegranates, pistachios nuts, rose water along with a mixer of vegetable to create a delicious taste that will have you coming back for more.

We custom tailor all of our catering menus to fit each individual person or event
We cater private parties, corporate events, memorials, birthdays, anniversaries, any occasion big or small

All appetizers are served with lavash breadFalafel Salad
Paneer O Sabzi
Salad Oliveh
Salad Shirazi
Ziba Combo (Hummus, Salad Shirazi, and Masto–Khiar)
Ziba Deluxe Combo (Salad Oliveh, Kashe-Bademjan, and Masto-Moosier)
Ziba Salad
All Entrées are served with Basmati Rice, Saffron, and GarnishBarg Kabob
Beef/Chicken Koobideh Kabob
Chicken Kabob
Chicken with Bone
Chicken Wrap
Combination Kabob
Falafel Wrap
Kabob Wrap
Shish Kabob
Veggie Kabob
Special Stews

Baghali Polo with Lamb Shank
Ghormeh Sabzi (Herb Stew)
Khoresh Bademjan (Baby Eggplant Stew)
Khoresh Gheimeh
Zereshk Polo with Chicken
  • Entrees may also be made available Vegetarian Style.
  • Substitutions are welcome.
  • Prices vary upon each request.
  • Contact us to create your personal menu.Thank you for choosing us to dine with!
    Ziba Restaurant