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Zeitoon Restaurant

Zeitoon Restaurant | Persian/Iranian restaurant in British Columbia, Canada

Hearty plates of traditional Persian fare, including lamb & rice dishes, served in a polished space.


We live by the philosophy that we are not in the business of selling food, or wine, or service.

We are in the business of creating happiness in people – food, wine, and service are our tools.

We buy only fresh ingredients; everything is cooked and prepared by our hands and our hearts.

All recipes are original.




The dining experience is relaxed and comfortable whether you are dining at the Downtown location, the right choice for a more relaxed dining experience, or reserve a table at the North Vancouver location, the best choice for more formal dining.

Plus during the summer months, you can dine outside on our patios at the front of the restaurants.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Iranian restaurant in British Columbia

It will be a dining experience to remember.

Discover a New Experience in Persian Dining.

Kabob is king at Zeitoon

It’s easy to take the diversity of our food culture for granted. Here in Metro Vancouver we’re born into Bolognese sauce, weaned on wild salmon sashimi, comfortable with coq au vin, kung pao, vindaloo, and a tajine. Name any country in the world, and chances are you’ll find its food somewhere in this city.

Sometimes we get carried away with our diversity. Recently I was surprised to see Hungarian dancers perform at a Japanese izakaya in Crosstown

– a restaurant that serves poutine with teriyaki gravy and nori flakes, I might add. But that’s a story for another time. One cuisine that isn’t showy or overwhelming doesn’t swagger or knock you down with extreme flavors, is Persian. Thanks to a considerable Iranian community here on the North Shore, we have plenty of it.

There are Iranian grocery stores, kebab joints, dried fruit and nut stores and plenty of restaurants. Now there’s a new one to add to the mix: Zeitoon Persian Cuisine in Central Lonsdale. Last week I strolled across the road with my co-worker Shorty to check it out.