Zed Gallery | Glebe Sydney


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Zed Gallery | Glebe Sydney

Salon Style Art Gallery presenting early/ mid-career artists. Art openings incorporate live music performances from Australia’s cutting edge

Zed Gallery is a not your usual Gallery, it’s a gallery inside a performance space. there was started by artist Phil Stallard and Red Bar owners Neville Sargent and Belle Downes on December 2018.

Zed is a vehicle for artists to create and a friendly space for art lovers to interact with living art. it officially opens its doors with a group exhibition and performance on February 16, 2- 5 pm, please join us for drinks with the artists.

Art Gallery in Sydney

Salon style Art Gallery located in Glebe Sydney, Art openings incorporate cutting edge live music and performance.

Zed Gallery has a focus on art events where visual art interacts with live performance, Zed Gallery openings are usually on the last Saturday of every month, so drop in and savour something new on the Sydney art scene. Gallery Opening Hours Wednesday to Sunday: 7 pm – 10 pm (during Red Bar performances) Saturday: 2 pm- 5 pm Sunday afternoon: Please refer to Zed Facebook on the day

red bar is a Speakeasy in the beautiful suburb of Glebe. It serves a lovely range of Gin, Whiskey, and delicious cocktails of the prohibition era. Accompanying these fine drinks will be an array of bar snacks to nibble while you listen to Jazz, soul, funk. Red Bar is also a performance space where Australia’s cutting edge perform. The Red Bar collaboration is a unique space combining performances on stage with art on the walls

ZED GALLERY GRAND OPENING it opens its doors to the public on February 16, 2 pm -6 pm The opening will comprise of a group exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Australia’s leading emerging and mid-career artists.

The afternoon will also include performances by a selection of some of Sydney Inner West’s finest avant-garde musicians, including curator and co-founder, Phil Stallard. Echoing a global shutdown of larger galleries, for instance, Manhattan’s Wallspace Gallery in 2015, it seems that Sydney is no different with the closure of the renowned Watters Gallery closing its doors in December of 2018 after decades of showcasing the best that Australia has to offer.

However, Phil is determined to prove that Zed Gallery is going to lead the way regarding the impact small spaces can have with regard to exhibiting the best new and established artists that Sydney has to offer.

In an environment where galleries are closing, Zed Gallery is opening its doors to inject much-needed excitement into the Sydney art scene.