Zaytoon Market & Restaurant


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Zaytoon Market & Restaurant

Zaytoon Market & Restaurant | Iranian Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada

Casual Persian outfit emphasizing kebabs, plus adjoining market, deli & fresh juice bar.

We Have A Full Selection Of Hard-To-Find Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European Items. Whether It’s Olive Oil Or Dried Herbs, You Can Find It Here! Persian/Iranian Restaurant?

History Of Kabob The Phrase Kabob Is Persian In Origin. Tradition Has It That It Was Invented By Medieval Persian Warriors Who Used Their Swords To Grill Meat Over Open-Field Fires.

Today, Authentic Persian Restaurants Aim To Duplicate That By Grilling Fresh Marinated Meat Over Open Flames, Making It The Best Choice For Health Conscious Individuals.

About Us, We Are A family Operated Restaurant With Our Roots & Recipes From The Iranian Bazaar and Lalezar. We Strive To Serve You The Same Quality Of Food That You Would Have Been Served In One Of Haj Agha’s & Haj Khanoom’s (My Grand Parents) Restaurants. Iranian Restaurant in Las Vegas

Zaytoon The Name Was Picked Because In Most Eastern Languages (Even Spanish – Aceituna) It Translates to Olive. Olive Is Referred To As One Of The Heavenly Fruits By Most Religions (Islam, Christianity, And Judaism). Olive Also Represents Something We All As Humanity Strive For- PEACE. Hence, Extending An Olive Branch

Whether You Are Looking For Pita Bread Or Lavash, Baklava Or Pastry, We Have The Best Selection!

From Sweet Lemon To Sour Cherry If It’s In Season, Chances Are We Have It!

Picture We Serve Fresh Juice (Juiced Per Order) No Additives, No Added Sugar, Nothing Frozen All Fruits Are Provided By Our Produce Department.

The amazing restaurant the food is awesome but the service is pure 100% Persian the gentleman who served

Whether You Are Looking For Pita Bread Or Lavash, Baklava Or Pastry, We Have The Best Selection!

3655 S. Durango Drive Las Vegas, Nevada, 89147