Zad Grocery | Santa Clara, CA 


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Zad Grocery | Santa Clara, CA

Zad Grocery | Santa Clara, CA 

Speciality grocer carrying Middle Eastern, Persian & other imported goods plus produce & halal meat

Halal Meat; Fresh Produce; Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, Persian, and African Groceries; Little Surprises from around the world

Pick up some fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and more at Zad Grocery in Santa Clara and become your own personal chef.

At Zad Grocery, you won’t have to worry about forgetting where you parked.

There are plenty of parking spaces nearby for you to choose from.

Save yourself some time and energy, Zad Grocery will make sure you find everything on your grocery list.

Zad Grocery is a family business that we opened up on March 30, 2008.

Everything we sell is Halal and most of our products are Middle Eastern, Persian, Pakistani, Indian, or East European but I’m sure you’ll find a surprise or two.

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