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Yasmine Shoaie-Nia

Yasmine Shoaie-Nia

Business Law, Advokat/Associate at Foyen Advokatfirma, Stockholm, Sweden, Top Business Lawyer Stockholm


We are a law firm that, at the start of 1987, carved out three pillars for the business: industry focus, business understanding and absolute excellence in relevant legal areas for our industries. And it has fallen out well. Today we have operations in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Falun with over 90 employees and a sister agency in Norway with about 80 employees in Oslo. Consequently, we can deliver legal solutions with a business focus on each market, but also be able to assist in assignments that extend across both countries. You can read more about our sister agency in Norway at foyentorkildsen.no.

A strong industry focus

Our main areas are the construction and real estate industry, technology-intensive industry, mining and forestry, public business, the energy sector, the environmental area and cross-border business law. And to keep what we promise in each area, we have brought together our specialists in the industry team. Where we systematically build up knowledge and insight, partly through practical assignments and exchange of experience and partly through continuous education – internally and externally.

Sharp legal excellence

Yasmine Shoaie-Nia, Iranian/Persian Business Lawyer in Stockholm, Sweden, Advokat/Associate at Foyen Advokatfirma, Top Business Lawyer Stockholm

Here you can see the legal areas that are the main basis for our actions in our core areas:

  • – General business law
  • – Work environment law
  • – Labor law
  • – Contract law
  • – Company law / association law
  • – Contract and consultancy law
  • – Property rights
  • – Corporate transfers
  • – Rental right
  • – Intellectual property
  • – IT and telecom law
  • – Environmental law
  • – Insolvency
  • – Public procurement
  • – Special property rights
  • – Dispute resolution and litigation
  • – Tvistelösning och processrätt

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English, Swedish

– Foyen is a very strong brand on the legal market and is at the forefront in many areas of the law. We can now assist in further strengthening its expertise in areas such as M&A, company law and commercial contracts; not least in the energy sector, where we work with many emerging companies. At the same time, we will be able to offer our clients a wider range of legal services, says Tomas Rudenstam.