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YA Law Corporation | Persian Family & Divorce Immigration in Canada

Immigration attorney in Vancouver, British Columbia

I practice Canadian and US immigration law at YA Law Corporation, Vancouver, BC Canada. Tweets are not legal advice

YA Law Corporation is a Vancouver-based law firm that delivers legal expertise in the areas of the U.S. Immigration law, Canadian Immigration law, and Canadian Family Law (Divorce).

Navigating both the Canadian and U.S. immigration law process can be confusing and frustrating for many self-representing individuals.

The experienced team at YA Law Corporation simplifies immigration challenges through a process that includes determining your goals and then completing the necessary steps swiftly, affordably and professionally.

Our firm also provides high-quality and compassionate representation in the practice of family law.

At YA Law Corporation, trust and integrity are our core values.

We strive to provide the best possible outcome for our clients and their families.

Homa Yahyavi, J.D. BARRISTER & SOLICITOR Attorney at Law Homa is the founder of YA Law Corporation. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland, Washington DC, and the Province of British Columbia.

She practices U.S. and Canadian immigration law as well as Canadian family law. Homa represents her clients in a wide range of U.S. and Canadian immigration. Persian Family lawyer

Her practice includes immigrant investor cases for permanent residence in Canada or Green Card status in the U.S., applications for temporary and permanent residence including applications for work permits, Intracompany Transferee applications and TN status, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) applications and sponsorship.

In addition, Homa assists clients with cross-border inadmissibility issues including U.S. waivers, applications for criminal rehabilitation and temporary resident permits.

Licenses: British Columbia District of Columbia State of Maryland

Individuals wishing to move to the United States for work or personal reasons will quickly discover how challenging the process can be without guidance from a trusted legal expert.

YA Law Corporation conducts a comprehensive assessment for each individual to help make the transition a smooth one.

YA Law Corporation specializes in the EB-5, an investor green card program that enables investors, their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 to apply for a green card if they invest in their own companies or other projects.

Along with EB-5, YA Law Corporation helps its clients with E-2 Investor Visa, TN Status, L- Intracompany Transferee, family-based immigration and inadmissibility issues.

We navigate our clients around the globe through a process that is extremely challenging without legal expertise. Let us streamline the complicated process of U.S. immigration for you.

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to encouraging citizenship and business opportunities, but there are a number of highly complex legal considerations and ramifications related to making the move – whether for business or personal reasons.

Having the experienced legal support from the team at YA Law Corporation simplifies the process profoundly. Representation by a reputable Canadian immigration firm like YA Law Corporation ensures there are no delays related to omitted information or errors made by those who self-represent.

We consider your specific case and needs and achieve the fastest resolution possible in the areas of Business Immigration, Family Sponsorship, Provincial Nominee Program, Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class and inadmissibility issues.

Let YA Law Corporation help with your Canadian immigration services to ensure a seamless transition to a new opportunity.