White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms


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White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms

White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms

Dental clinic in London, England Dr. Sara Jafarizadeh
Sara provides general dental care to her patients, with a strong focus on preventive and cosmetic treatment

At White Dental, we are committed to the delivery of the highest standard of dental care. We provide this in partnership with patients, clinicians, and staff. Decisions are made whilst respecting the patients’ needs, preferences and choices.

We treat our patients holistically and as committed professionals, we will constantly seek to raise the standard of care. We have an excellent team of specialists that also teach at leading dental colleges. We share ideas and continue to develop new and innovative ways of working. We reflect this in our professional approach to the delivery of dental health care and customer care.

Introducing: Dr. Sara Jafarizadeh (GDC 151250) Sara Jafarizadeh DDS, MSc (Lon), graduated in Dentistry in 2004, after which she spent time practicing in Iran and the Philippines.

Having moved to the UK, she qualified with MSc in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at UCL Eastman Dental Hospital. Whilst at UCL, she also received hospital training, spending a significant amount of time involved in major surgeries for trauma patients, and photodynamic surgeries for patients with cancer.

White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms

Sara provides general dental care to her patients, with a strong focus on preventive and cosmetic treatment. She is also well-versed in restorative and full mouth reconstruction and has developed expertise in these areas. Over the years through her work, professional and academic training, Sara has developed a keen interest in a wide range of oral surgery.

Sara’s enthusiasm in Oral Surgery has driven her to utilize her experience by holding a position as a Visiting Lecturer at UCL Eastman Dental Institute where she is involved in the teaching of CPD courses in Oral Surgery and also the Overseas Registration Exam program. Sara enjoys delivering the latest in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry for creating a beautifully natural-looking smile. She is committed to using the very best techniques and materials. Iranian Dentist in London

Here at white rooms Dental. Sara’s gentle and friendly manner makes her a wonderful choice for all patients, especially those who may be nervous or anxious about visiting us. Sara is a gentle, caring and enthusiastic dentist, passionate about providing the highest standard of patient care in the most comfortable and relaxed manner.

Sara is eager to be at the forefront of modern dentistry advances and frequently partakes in courses to keep up to date with techniques and improve her skills.

Sara is a keen traveler and particularly enjoyed traveling across Asia and the Far East. She enjoys swimming, classical music and is also passionate about baking and gardening.

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