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Valley Fruit & Produce

Valley Fruit & Produce

Valley Fruit & Produce has been doing business as a full line produce wholesaler in Los Angeles since 1920.

We are located in the new Los Angeles Produce Market where we have 16 doors and 32 truck spaces for loading and receiving and 24,000 square feet of warehouse space.

We have 8000 square feet of refrigerated storage on the market. Our ten sales departments can supply our customers with products from the finest growers worldwide. grocery stores near my location

Thank you for your interest in Valley Fruit & Produce. Valley opened its doors in 1920 and has been a family owned and run business since 1926.

In Valley’s more than 90 years doing business in the Los Angeles wholesale market, we have become the recognized leader in both product quality and customer service.

Our mission is to continue building on that legacy, providing our customers with the quality, integrity and expertise that they have come to expect.

What Sets Valley Apart? Valley Fruit and Produce Company has become the largest wholesaler in Los Angeles by meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers throughout the years.

Within the Valley Fruit family of companies, we can cater to the needs of any buyer. Whether you’re in need of great quality or perfect quality, small specialized orders or many pallets, pick-up or delivery, local, out of state or overseas, we are able to accommodate your every need.

A little bit more about us: Valley has the strongest credit rating of any distributor in Los Angeles Due to Valley’s unique relationships with growers and shippers, our customers benefit from Special deals and prices. Valley maintains state of the art facilities and a staff of veteran industry experts.

Our primary facilities include three warehouses in Los Angeles with over 150,000 feet of cold storage space. We utilize radio frequency bar coding to ensure real-time inventory control, the athletic system to track our deliveries, and a sophisticated computer system that enables EDI and online ordering.

Valley offers custom repacking services in a GMP and Food Safety certified facility. The Valley Fruit family of companies is comprised of Valley Fruit and Produce, Continental Sales, Valley Retail & Reliable Transportation. These businesses are fully integrated to ensure quality, speed and precision.

Valley provides banana ripening services in our 18 Cool Care and Thermal Tech double-deck ripening rooms, which allow us to handle 150 truckloads per week.

Our Promise We recognize that we are only successful if our customers are successful, and we want to see your business not only grow but thrive. We promise highly competitive pricing, we guarantee our quality and service, and we stand by our commitments. No exceptions.

Every fruit and vegetable is different and at Valley Fruit and Produce we understand the need to have specialists for your produce needs. Contact one of our department heads to discuss your needs.