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UW Persian Circle

UW Persian Circle | University, Washington

The University of Washington Persian Circle

What is Persian Circle?

The Persian Circle is a cultural student organization with the mission of promoting unity among the Persian community at the University of Washington and the Seattle area, as well as promoting Persian heritage and culture by organizing various events and social gatherings.

Members will have a unique opportunity to meet new people, practice their Persian language skills, learn more about Persian culture, and be an interactive part of a Persian community. Iranian Yellow Pages

The Persian Circle relies on community and University resources in order to fund our events and keep admissions costs to a minimum or even free.

If you are interested in helping us make these events possible please consider making a donation via the button below.

If you are a business-owner let us know through our email at students.persiancircle@gmail.com

if you would like us to advertise your business in return for your generous donation and we will be more than happy to advertise you via our Facebook/posters/website/etc

Have a comment, question, or suggestion? You can use our email or the form below to send us any of these.

Prefer to leave an anonymous message?

Simply type in “Anonymous” and “students.persiancircle@gmail.com” for the Name and Email fields.

We look forward to hearing from you!

University of Washington student organization.
Building a social, cultural, and fun Persian community here at UW.

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