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Toktam Gharai | Universal NLP Institute

Toktam Gharai | Universal NLP Institute

Coaching centre in Irvine, California

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was brought together by a group of people motivated to master communications at world class levels and begun as a model of HOW we communicate with self and others. It was originally developed by Richard Bandler, John Grinder in 1970 in California Santa Cruz at UCSC and others like Steve Andreas, Stephen Gilligan, Robert B. Dilts, Judith DeLozier and etc joined the initial group.

The model explains how we process external data/stimuli/information that enters the neurology. The main and central belief is that The “Map” is NOT the “Territory” – so, that means that the internal representations (I.R.)/map that we make about external events are NOT necessarily the event itself.

Authorized as an NLP Master Trainer at NLP University with over 5+ years of professional experience in improving Business and Personal Communication Capabilities, Self-Motivation, Transforming Beliefs, Personal & Business Goal-Setting, Improving Public Speaking Skills, Relationship Improvement and Success Factor Modeling.

A business consultant and personal coach with excellent communication & organizational abilities, negotiations and influencing skills. As an NLP master practitioner, while utilizing NLP methods, Ms Gharai utilizes strategic methods for self-improvement and business modelling. As the first Persian member of NLP GTC Global NLP Training and Consulting Community, Ms Gharai has the capability to certify individuals in Narrow Linguistic Master Practitioner via NLP University Certification. Ms Gaharai has successfully consulted and coached business owners on achieving their yearly growth goals which have led to their respective business profit.

With understanding and compassion, Toktam Gharai Universal NLP Institute guides people through and beyond the neurological boundaries and constraints that often lead people into the unwanted limitations of life.

Ms Gharai is dedicated to helping people change and transform their lives in an insightful and client-focused manner of excellence that encompasses and defines her successful results as a Master Coach. Toktam Gharai | Universal NLP Institute

LATEST SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS  in Toktam Gharai | Universal NLP Institute:

How to be loved and capable The best investment you can ever make is investing in yourself.

In this seminar, you will learn how to let go of limiting cultural patterns and be aware of how capable you are for creating the life you want. Are you ready to sing up?

NLP For Life Practitioner I Saturday & Sundays 10 am – 8:30 pm, in Farsi Language – Early Bird 600$ What is it Good For? Ability to manage your internal Sate. Helps you to stay resourceful during a stressful time. Gives you a high Degree of behaviour flexibility in difficult situations. Increases the speed with which you learn. Helps you become a more influential member of your team. A tool you can use to model and reproduce excellence in any field 10 reasons to attend NLP for life courses with Toktam 1. Liberation – You will learn how to free yourself from limiting thoughts beliefs and feelings that keep you stuck.

2. Results – Every business expert will agree, the number one way to improve your business success is to measure and test what is and isn’t working. NLP is one of the practices that are measurable. 3. It’s FAST – The reason I decided to become an NLP Practitioner is that I’ve never seen anything work faster to create incredible transformations in thoughts and feelings.  Allergies, Phobias, and life-long fears resolved in a matter of minutes!

4. Making Friendship on another level, It indeed is a unique group of like-minded, non-judgmental, people with a passion for learning and adventure. I am still connected and have life-long friendships with the other classmate that I met in my first NLP training at NLPU. 5. Innovation – I believe that NLP is the best tool ever for change. Iranian Yellow Pages

The ability to see and identify differences, nuances and other things that most people would miss is one of the truly magical qualities of NLP. Your basic understanding of NLP will become a treasure chest of new information you can use to discover and create new techniques and innovations in almost any field you apply it too. 6. The different experience of Learning – those who learn NLP consistently see a dramatic increase in their ability to learn quickly and comprehend what they learn at a deeper level. And in this day and age, your ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes is one of the most important job skills you can have.

7. Peace – learning to have more mastery over your internal dialogue and be in a Coach state, and to calm that internal restlessness most of us suffer from, brings tremendous peace and calm in an otherwise frenetic and chaotic world. 8. Creativity – learning NLP will help you unlock your creative juices and look at things in a new and different way that can give you a creative edge you may not have known you had.

9. Flexibility– there is a saying, ‘flexibility in a stem helps the tree withstand the storm, and flexibility in behaviour helps your relationships withstand the difficult times’. We all want more choice in how we handle life’s ups and downs. NLP increases your behavioural flexibility and gives you more choice in difficult situations. 10. It’s fun!

– NLP for life and therefore Practitioner Certification training is a blast! You meet life-long friends, learn new things about yourself and others, discover, and grow in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Early Bird 600$ till October 15th Just in Time 800$