The Grill, Gothenburg – Sweden


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The Grill, Gothenburg – Sweden

The Grill, Gothenburg – Sweden

We are just as it sounds, a barbecue restaurant owned by the founder of the chark shop Akbars Chark, a meat master with over 50 years of experience. Akbar Asgari as he is called is also one of the founders of Kville Saluhall, where you will find both The Grill and Akbar’s Chark.

The Grill’s menu consists mainly of meat, everything from noble cuts such as beef fillet, back steak, T-Bonesteak etc. to our homemade burgers which are made daily on freshly ground right fox and beef roast. Since Akbar originated in Persia, a selection of traditional Persian barbecue dishes is also served.

Iranian Restaurant in Göteborg, Sweden

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day. The Grill can be subscribed for both corporate events and family dinners etc. Contact us for more info.

Reservation Ni are The Grill Kville Saluhall’s flagship restaurant. If you wish to book tables for large numbers, you can do this most easily by calling us.031 13 74 31

Kville Saluhall’s flagship restaurant.The Grill is a brand that in a short time has become known high quality of food and service. Few restaurants in Gothenburg can boast of being able to run down stairs and gain access to the best ingredients the world has to offer.

Our suppliers maintain high quality of all their goods. Over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry and The Grills rocket launch prove that we can do this with food. In addition to picking up our à la carte menu, we also offer a wide range of catering menu for parties, events and other occasions.

All meat and chicken served at The Grill comes from our own chark shop Akbar’s Chark.The fresh fish comes from Hisingens Fisk. Both stores are located on the entrance floor of Kville Saluhall.There you can always buy fresh ingredients of the highest quality to take home with you!