Tehran Grill, Iranian Restaurant


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Tehran Grill | Iranian Restaurant, Stockholm

Tehran Grill | Iranian Restaurant, Stockholm

Persian/Iranian Restaurant? in Stockholm Persian food with a focus on grilled skewers. there are also vegetarian options.

Authentic food with a charcoal grill in the center

On Rörstrandsgatan or Timmermansgatan in Stockholm, our restaurant offers authentic Persian barbecue dishes in a colorful and exotic environment. With a millennial history, Persian cuisine has influenced many of the world’s great culinary kitchens.

 traditional and authentic food is served, the food you eat in Iran today.  you will taste your entire Iran with their traditional home cooking from all over Iran. There, food is considered an art form in both taste and appearance and the dishes tell cultural stories with connections from past to present, from east to west. The food itself is reason enough to gather loved ones to enjoy and socialize.

The restaurant serves dishes prepared from the ground up in a way that enhances the taste of the ingredients. For example, cook pots for five hours, rice for two hours and barbecue skewers get a light smoke flavor from the charcoal grill. Herbs and spices, nuts and berries add acidity, sweetness and deepened taste and create a visual experience.

Tehran Grill | Iranian Restaurant in Timmermansgatan 5, Stockholm

Try the exciting fusion drinks which are a good combination with a couple of cold or hot starters. Named after the Persian poet and mystic Rumi, the Persian wine fits perfectly with many rich berries. The wine range in general consists of well-selected wines and several non-alcoholic alternatives. We have several vegetarian dishes. Warm welcome!

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