Targaz Restaurang | Gothenburg, Se


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Targaz Restaurang | Gothenburg, Se

Targaz Restaurang | Gothenburg, Se

Persian Restaurant in Gothenburg

Many wonder what Targaz means! Targaz is a Latin word meaning to show up, something we thinkthat we do it in Targaz’s restaurant! Z at the end is tied to a by name,in case if you are curious about the whole word.We choose good raw products.

we treat them, cook them and serve them toour dear guests who like our way of cooking. Persian cuisine is oneof the world’s richest and oldest, offering a large selection of barbecue, stove andrice dishes that are unique in their kind.We have the experience of Persian cuisine since 1997 and started the firstthe restaurant in the old Post house in Göteborg named Persian Palace.

In Targaz’s restaurant we have prepared an a la` carte menu which mainlyconsists of Persian dishes as well as dishes with elements of the Mediterranean.The lunch is served weekdays with a mix of Persian and Swedishthe kitchen, as well as a selection of the good from all corners of the world.Our goal is that the food we serve will be a good experience for our guests.We are grateful for views of all kinds.We hope we see you in our restaurant!

A homepage sectionWe want our guests to have a good and pleasant experience when they visit our restaurant. That is why we are always interested to hear from you if you have comments, praise or any good ideas.