Tanur | Roma, Italy


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Tanur | Roma, Italy

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Tanur | Roma, Italy, Dove assaporare la vera cucina persiana

Ottobre 20, 2020

L’antica Persia ovunque tu sia

Voglia di assaporare la cucina Persiana? Nessuna voglia di cucinare?

Nessun problema, cucinaè qui per te! Entro 30 minuti potrai assaggiare tutte le nostre pietanze direttamente a Casa!

Che aspetti? Ordina Subito! Persian Restaurant In ItalyItaly

Telefono: 0685300416

Oppure puoi trovarci su Deliveroo, Just Eat & Uber Eats

? Tanur Meer informatie

US$ 6 — US$ 42

Barbecue, Midden-Oosters, Iraans, Grill

Halal, Glutenvrije opties, Geschikt voor vegetariërs, Veganistische opties
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Maaltijden, Functies

Is from Rome, Italy. Where to taste the real Persian cuisine? October 20, 2020.
Wherever you are in the world, you can find Ancient Persia.
But, do you want to savor Persian cuisine?
No desire to cook? No problem, the kitchen is here for you!
Within 30 minutes, you can taste all our dishes directly at home!
What are you waiting for?
In addition, Order Online Now!
0685 300 416 is the phone number.
Or you can find us on Deliveroo, Justest, and Uber Eats.

 ? Tanur restaurant is an abbreviation for more details.

Firstly, $22.00 to $6.00It is an abbreviation for Persian cuisine: barbecue, Midden-Eastern, Iran, Grill.

A special diet, halal, and gluten-free options are available. Meanwhile,
Therefore, Vegetarian and vegan options are available.
All information will be destroyed.
Perform, Maltagen is an abbreviation.