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Taitook Jewelry

Taitook Jewelry | Persian/Iranian jeweler in Toronto, Canada

SWITZERLAND: Zurich Genevé Bern Basel

EUROPE: Moscow Monte Carlo Paris London

AMERICAS: New York Vancouver Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires

Gold Shouldn’t be Expensive, Experience that with us. Taitook jewelry offers the most beautiful models of gold and stone ornaments and sells its unique products at the affordable price online. These products with their exclusive design capture the eyes of every viewer. Taitook jewelry is the first creator of different types of gold and stone ornaments made from the combination of opaque yellow gold and semi-precious stones. Taitook jewelry offers a creative collection of beautiful necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. These products are hand-made in the biggest workshop of its kind. It is worth mentioning that a vast spectrum of these products is made one of the kind. As all the stages of producing these products are done in Taitook big jewelry workshop, we have found ways to minimize the travel of Gold through providers to customers, which is resulting in lower price.

Different stones such as turquoise (Iranian Neishaboor and American), agate, onyx, amethyst, aquamarine, rose quartz, jasper, shell, pearl, and jade which are used in Taitook products, are selected from among the best natural stones of their kind. In addition to their high quality, these stones are highly therapeutic which affect the body skin when touched. Furthermore, each month of birth has its own stone which is elaborated in the related section.

Taitook dares to say that more than 90 percent of its products are made one of the kinds which show that Taitook designers in the course of years have produced and offered tens of thousands of unique designs. In the end, it is reminded that all Taitook products are made from 18-carat gold. Considering the high price of this carat of gold in the world and the low price of Taitook products. We rely on tens of thousands of customers who always buy our high-quality products.