Taboon Noon o Kabab


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Taboon Noon o Kabab

Taboon Noon o Kabab

Delivered Food to Your Home or Office!  Average price: $11-30, It ha Persian, Vegetarian menu

Taboon Noon o Kabab, ?Iranian/Persian Restaurant? in Alabama

Carpe diem – the Persian cuisine waits for you. You can share mouthwatering kebabs, spinach pie and beef with your
friends and spend a nice time here. It’s worth visiting this restaurant because of tasty yogurt and perfectly cooked gâteau.


Are you from hoover? What could be better than sitting with a group of friends and enjoying good food together? Although it’s not impossible to prepare great food yourself, wouldn’t you rather like to relax?

Taboon Noon o Kebab is a deli and grill that has been serving authentic and delicious Mediterranean cuisine to the Birmingham, Alabama community.

Taboon Noon O Kabab offers something for everyone and this was birthed from the passion of sharing the bursting flavor of the Mediterranean streets as well as our twist on American comfort food