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Sweet Laurel

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Sweet Laurel is a whole foods baking company, meaning, no filler, no weird stuff. Just the best organic,

whole ingredients going into delicious grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free baked goods.

This is indulgent, healthful food with a body positive perspective. It’s about loving the food you

eat instead of punishing yourself for craving it. All of our treats are paleo, and with keto and

vegan options as well. Most of the items are made with less than five ingredients, and none

of them are the wacky gums and stabilizers you’ll find in most gluten free or dairy free products.

We love few things more than a perfect slice of cake, so we only put the fewest, best ingredients in our baked goods.

Laurel Gallucci, one of seven children, has baked delicious treats since she could turn on the oven:
chocolate chip cookies for her brothers, beautiful layer cakes for community events.
Even at an early age, Laurel liked to keep things simple. She always had an experimental eye
, removing elements that seemed unnecessary and only using the best and most
wholesome ingredients.

Sweet Laurel When she was struck with an aggressive auto-immune disorder,
her doctor put her on a strict elimination diet, and told her “you’ll never eat chocolate cake again.
” Because of her deeply emotional connection to food, Laurel struggled. After months of
baking treats for her family and friends she couldn’t touch, she finally said,
“enough is enough” and started tinkering with the ingredients she could eat.
When she shared her grain-free and refied sugar-free goods with friends,
they were blown away.

Sweet Laurel’s baked goods were tender and moist and full of flavor.
They were the opposite of the pasty, brick-like gluten free and vegan goods that
her friends had been used to eating. Excited by their reactions and encouragement,
Laurel turned her test kitchen into Bakery so that everyone can
enjoy healthful, simple treats.

Sweet Laurel Claire Thomas, the cook, writer, and photographer
behind The Kitchy Kitchen, knew she was tasting something special when
Laurel brought over one of her cakes. With her mouth full, she asked if she
could partner with Laurel to form the brand. Claire and Laurel’s
shared love of old fashioned cooking, Los Angeles history, and blush colored
roses has led to a business founded in friendship. They believe that the best
foods are prepared simply, and with the best ingredients. Claire works as Sweet
Sweet Laurel’s creative partner and developer, photographer, and fellow chocoholic.
She ensures that their treats are as delicious and as beautiful as they can be.