Sudsies Dry Cleaners

What can we say, we’re just clean, friendly people.

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At Sudsies Dry Cleaners in Boca Raton, our foremost objective is to offer exceptional laundry and dry cleaning services tailored to your specific preferences. Recognizing the value of convenience, we have established multiple locations across Miami-Dade and Broward counties. This ensures effortless drop-off of your garments, with the assurance that they will be returned to you in impeccable condition.

Our team of skilled professionals boasts extensive expertise in handling a diverse range of clothing items. We cater to everything from everyday apparel like shirts and pants to lavish designer ensembles such as suits, jackets, and dresses crafted from various fabrics. Additionally, our specialization extends to the meticulous cleaning of formal wear, wedding dresses, comforters, and area rugs. This commitment ensures we meet all your dry cleaning needs.

Should you possess an item requiring dry cleaning that isn’t listed among our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We take immense pride in accommodating your unique requirements, delivering personalized solutions that guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

Sudsies is South Florida’s friendliest full-service dry-cleaning company. We’re customer-
friendly, luxury-friendly, and eco-friendly. With our sister company, Rugsies, we can
clean everything from the shirt on your back to the carpet under your feet.

We’re known around town for our sparkling smiles. And after 25 years of delivering
service with a smile, the Sudsies Smile has become its own brand and symbol. So,
whether you see it when you enter our boutique, spot it on our delivery vans, or proudly
wear it, the Sudsies Smile is our way of showing you we care about your needs and want
to provide the best possible experience.

We have stand-alone boutiques in Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, the Design District,
and Ft. Lauderdale. And we pick up and deliver all over Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach
counties. That means the Sudsies vans motor all over the area six days a week right to
the doors of your home, office, yacht – wherever you happen to be. How’s that for

Sudsies offers couture and luxury brand care services. Managing couture garment
cleaning is something each member of the Sudsies team takes very seriously. We follow
a methodical five-step process that includes hand-treating, hand-cleaning, hand-
repairing, and hand-finishing your garments to preserve their ultimate look and
longevity. We handle special occasion wear, alterations, restorations, and preservation

When other dry cleaners tell you they’re green, it’s probably just with envy. That’s
because Sudsies is the eco-friendliest dry cleaner in the entire state of Florida. Our
practices and policies have earned us a 5-leaf rating from the Green Cleaners Council.
And we can proudly say we’re the first and only dry cleaners in Florida to receive a
perfect rating! We invest heavily in new technology, state-of-the-art cleaning and
finishing equipment, and processes endorsed by the EPA Design for the Environment
program (Dfe). We use low-water-usage equipment and chemical-free hydrocarbon
solvents. We’ve implemented a plastic hanger recycling program and ongoing eco-
employee training. We’ve also installed specialty lighting in all our stores. Every detail of
our operation takes the environment and sustainability into account.

What can we say, we’re just clean, friendly people.