Sofreh Aghd By Nazanin


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Sofreh Aghd By Nazanin

Sofreh Aghd By Nazanin in Irvine, California

Sofreh Aghd by Nazanin presents unique arrangements, combined with modern designs. Her design aesthetic is truly something to see and enjoy.

Her beautiful Sofrehs combine traditional elements as well as contemporary styles and a touch of sparkle; helping create some of the most beautiful weddings.

Nazanin is known for her ability to successfully mix earthy and natural items with beautifully crafted decorative ones to create one-of-a-kind pieces that any bride would be impressed by.

Nazanin’s passion for her work comes through in every step of her work. From creating a design and theme to her flawless execution.

As a professional, Nazanin will work with you and exchange ideas until a mutual design is formed.

She will go through a series of questions to discover your style and taste and promises to build upon your vision to create a sofreh exceeding your expectations.