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SoCal Luxury House | Maria Delvarani

SoCal Luxury House | Maria Delvarani: Buying, selling condos and homes, leasing retail space, looking for a great commercial space, a large multifamily, an apartment complex, strip centre or office condo? Are you a foreigner and first time home buyer in search of a professional to help educate and guide you through the buying process here in the states?

Interested in a sensible real estate investment for a second home or investment property? – I’m here to assist.

Looking to buy a house or condo, a luxury home, estate or flat on the waterfront with an ocean view, I’ll find you that ideal condo or elusive dream home and make it possible for you to create that perfect California lifestyle you’ve always been yearning for.

Real estate is moving again and with great values, there are great deals! Of course, you’ll need a great realtor you can trust. Someone to act as your California eyes and ears, to make sense of all the inventory out there and come up with a true gem of a deal!

Need a knowledgeable, experienced and ethical realtor with vision? Someone that gets it and gets it done! Someone that works with common sense and that actually listens to what you want and matches your vision, your lifestyle and your budget with just the right property for you? Let’s talk today!

Have you ever dreamed of a life in a magical place where every breath is a memory worth remembering, where dreams are within a hand’s reach, where the pace of time slows down? Los Angeles is a city of endless summer, a beautiful place drenched in heartwarming sunshine, where beauty isn’t just a word but a goal to achieve, a lifestyle to follow, a dream to pursue. Our company is a real estate agency that is always there to help you find the best property in the city under the sun. The company’s highly skilled professionals are always aimed at sharing their experience with you.

If you never settle for less, think big to win big, aim high to live high, our company is the best solution for you.
We want to help you achieve the dream.

Purchasing real estate in California, you embark on a magical journey to the world of authentic natural beauty, tropical splendour, endless sunshine. We will be more than happy to help you start a new chapter in your life.

We have years of experience in the field of real estate, a highly professional team aimed at delivering the best service possible.