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Siavash Shams

Siavash Shams

Siavash is a Persian/World Music superstar, pop icon, singer, songwriter, composer and record producer who has sold out venues around the world and written / produced over 7 successful albums and some of the Smash single hits of the last years. He is one of the few Persian artists who writes and produces his own songs. Siavash’s distinctive style, voice, looks, and moves have influenced a whole generation of Iranian pop, and R/B artists. He brings an electricity and style to the stage selling out venues around the world including Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Hollywood Palladium and El Rey theater in Los Angeles, The Hippodrome and Le Palace in London, Aughehausen Coliseum in Germany, Dubai Tennis Stadium in Dubai and numerous other venues around the world.

To date, Siavash has sold over 1 million copies of his albums worldwide. CNN recently wrote about Siavash and his far reaching talent. “LA STYLE” magazine wrote a feature article about Siavash comparing his status to that of American Pop Super Stars. Siavash’s blasted onto the music scene world wide with his first album, Hamsayeha. It was the first album out of the United States to break a Persian artist in America. Young and fresh, with a sizzling look and voice, Siavash was an instant success. Hamsayeha broke all sales records in the U.S., Europe and Canada, selling 500,000 copies world wide. With it’s breakthrough hit “Persian Girl” or “Dokhtar Irouni”, Siavash became an instant household name. He was the first Persian artist to modernize not only Persian but also Middle Eastern music , by breaking away from traditional melodies and lyrics and mixing Western rhythms and beats with his voluptuous vocals. Although he hasn’t been to Iran since the age of 12 and became a star in America, he is a treasured icon in his birth land of Iran.

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His albums speaking of love and desire are forbidden and sold illegally by the millions in Iran. His fans have been arrested for carrying just a poster of him. The Daily Star, a newspaper throughout the Middle East named Siavash and legendary female singer Googoosh, the most popular non religious singers in the entire country of Iran. Although he cannot go back to Iran at this time because his music is illegal there, he hopes to one day go home and sing for his fans in Iran who have always given him the love and support to continue his work around the world and he is forever grateful to them. His album “Hamsayeha” remains the number 1 selling Persian album around the world to this day.

As a songwriter, he composed many Persian hits, including “Boro Dige Dooset Nadaram”, “Yavash Yavash”, “Dokhtar Chopoon”, “Sahneh” and many more. In 2012 Siavash hit the market with 2 of the most downloaded singles of all time “Mohtaj” and “Delbare Naz” In 2013 he has released some of the most viewed videos in Persian history. “Nafas” and “Khoshhalam”. Siavash has also been writing songs for and recording and producing many acts from his private studio. He he has also become a well known and respected producer in Los Angeles.

The song “Javoonaayeh Irooni” was a political song about the freedom of young people in Iran. The song became the first Persian rock anthem for freedom. In 2009 during the “Green Revolution” Siavash’s hearbreaking song “Neda” became a symbol for peace. Siavash appeared on NBC’s Starting Over (TV series) where OPRAH prodigy Ivanla Vanzant, called Siavash and inspiration and a maestro for his work producing a young singer. A singer with heart, Siavash puts his soul not only into his music, but his life.

He feels especially thankful to a younger generation that embraces him and he feels a responsibility to lead the way. Siavash and his wife Caroline are both passionate parents and advocates of adoption and the rights of children around the world. Siavash has faced adversity in the Persian music industry and got through the hard times with love and belief in himself and his family. He would like each young person to know that the only way to change society is by clean living and fighting with your heart and your mind for a better world. He feels the only way to achieve this is through education, communication and sincerity. His goals include eventually organizing a fund and program for abused children and troubled teens with his wife and reaching a wider audience with his music and message.