Sholeh Eventcenter i Stockholm


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Sholeh Eventcenter i Stockholm

Sholeh Event Center.Sholeh Eventcenter i Stockholm

Sholeh Eventcenter Restaurang, Persian/Iranian Restaurang i Stockholm

Persisk Restaurang i Stockholm – Persisk mat

Our business concept is to have everything needed for a wedding, party or a successful event in one and the same place in Haninge.

Sholeh Event Center

Sholeh means low translated from Persian. The restaurant is run with an inner flame of dedication and joy, which we are convinced that our guests will experience with us. Our goal is for you as a guest and customer to have an experience, in a unique environment with good service, well-prepared good food and a restaurant that gives you a feeling of calm, joy and harmony. Sholeh Restaurant is owned by Khalil Bakhtiary, who grew up in Iran and came to Sweden in 1986, after moving around a few places in Sweden so he settled here in Haninge.

Khalil has always had a dream of running his own restaurant, he now saw the opportunity to build this restaurant.Up

Restaurant Sholeh

Traveling is one of Khalil’s great passions in addition to giving his fellow people a good service. In this way, Khalil has gained inspiration and ideas for his new restaurant, mainly from his travels in China, Iran, and Thailand, where he has seen and visited different types of restaurants.

With these pictures and inspiration as well as his inner flame, the construction of Sholeh Restaurant in Haninge started in the summer of 2004. After almost 4 years of work and another inspirational journey, a new Flame in Haninge has now been lit, named Sholeh EventCenter.Khalil has chosen to do this with a unique environment and inspiration of light and heat and with a Menu combined with dishes mainly from Persia and Europe to everyone in his surroundings: family, friends, customers, and guests.