Shish Kabob Cafe | Houston, TX


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Shish Kabob Cafe | Houston, TX

Shish Kabob Cafe | Houston, TX

Here at Shish Kabob Cafe in Houston, Texas, we serve Gyros, sandwiches, and Beef Shawarma Plate. We also serve Fried or Grilled Tilapia or Shrimp. Find us at the corner of Barrel Oaks Rd and Westheimer Rd. We’re right by George Bush Park and West Oaks Mall. Order online for carryout!

We are a well-known cornerstone in the Houston community and have been recognized for our outstanding Mediterranean cuisine. We have a modern interpretation of classic dishes and an insistence on only using high quality, fresh ingredients!

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Eggplant Dip Warm roasted eggplant mixed w/ sautéed onions, garlic & crusted mint. Topped w/ yogurt & comes w/ pita bread.Hummus Fine blend chickpeas, sesame seed paste, garlic, lemon juice, & olive oil, served w/ pita bread. Tah Dig Bottom of the pan crusted rice served w/ either beef or chicken stew

SALADS & ADD-ONS? Shirazi Salad Diced? cucumber, tomato, onion, crushed mint, olive oil & fresh lemon juice. House Salad Iceberg lettuce, a slice of tomato w/ cucumber, topped w/ fetta cheese w/ olive oil & lemon juice dressing. ( Persian Restaurant )

Torshi Vegetables & herbs pickled in vinegar & salt w/ other spices.Tabouli Chopped parsley, onion, tomato, olive oil & lemon juice. Yogurt W/ Cucumber & Crusted Mint Creamy homemade yoghurt w/ diced cucumber & crushed mint. VEGGIE CHOICE? Vegetarian Lentil Soup Fresh homemade brown lentils w/ onion, parsley, garlic. Falafel Plate Four fried grounded chickpeas, served w/ hummus, rice, lettuce, tomato & pita bread.

Veggie Kabob Slice of yellow squash zucchini, tomato, onion, bell pepper, grilled, garlic sauce, served w/ Persian rice. Veggie Gyro With chopped parsley, cilantro, spinach, dill, onions, & greens. ENTREES & KABOBS? Koobideh Kabob. Two? skewers of ground beef kabob. Served w/ Persian rice & grilled tomatoes. Beef Shish Kabob Filet. Tender chunks of beef ribeye w/ grilled tomato, bell pepper, & onion. Served w/ rice. Lamb Shank

Shank of lamb cooked & served in a homemade tomato sauce. Served w/ rice. Chicken & Lamb Gyro Plate Slice of chicken, lamb w/ garlic sauce on top, hummus, rice. Served w/ pita bread. Chicken Shawarma Plate Slices of chicken breast w/ garlic sauce on top, hummus, rice. Served w/ pita bread. Ghormeh Sabzi (Beef ) Stew Chunks of beef, beans, chopped parsley, onion, cilantro, & spinach. Served w/ rice. Salmon Kabob Served w/rice, grilled tomato, bell pepper, zucchini, squash & onion. Chicken Breast Kabob Grilled chicken breast w…