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Shirin Salon | Beverly Hills, Ca

Shirin Salon | Beverly Hills, Ca: 

Shirin is a world-renowned cosmetologist specializing in the art of hair and make-up. Her eye for beauty, work experience, and sensitivity produce life-changing transformations with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Shirin has a God-given talent to enhance anyone’s beauty and create an original masterpiece based on her up-to-date fashionable trend, her exquisitely artistic style, educational background, and state of the art equipment. She is intuitive, imaginative, and highly skilled with a keen ear to listen, a compassionate heart to care about, and a patient person to provide optimal service for her clients. Persian hair salon Los Angeles

Although her clientele includes celebrities, famous government officials, and elite businessmen and women, her affordable services are offered to individuals from all walks of life and of different socioeconomic status. Shirin is a pioneer in her field, perusing her first degree in cosmetology at the age of 14. At the age of 16, she travelled to France and attended L’Oreal De Paris where she received her second degree. At the age of 18, she eagerly sought her third degree from the prestigious Schwarzkopf Coloring School located in Germany.

At the age of 21, she passionately completed her fourth degree at the world-famous Vidal Sassoon Academy located in California. Her credentials also include certifications in lash extensions and technique and make-up design. Annually, Shirin attends the Las Vegas International Show as well as travelling to Europe and attending beauty classes in hopes of continually updating herself. Iranian yellow pages

In addition, she owns Shirin Salon which she originally established in 1987 in honour of continuing her mother’s legacy of providing excellent customer service with a modern mix. Shirin Salon is a place founded for individuals yearning for rejuvenation, seeking out inner-healing, and desiring supreme service from an experienced team of dedicated professionals in the field of cosmetology.

While visiting Shirin Salon, expect to be treated with the respect, warmth, and loyalty in an empathic and nurturing environment with services including haircuts, colouring, up-dos, make-up, hair and eyelash extensions, full body waxing, eyebrow arching, threading and much more. Shirin Salon, 9875 South Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA