Shiraz Mediterranean Grill


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Shiraz Mediterranean Grill

Shiraz Mediterranean Grill: Persian Restaurant in Dallas, TX – Comfortable restaurant with a full bar & outdoor seating for Persian & Mediterranean cuisine.

Persian Restaurant in Dallas

This restaurant has started recently 12/1/2014. Shiraz Mediterranean Grill was established in December 2014 in the city of Dallas From the beginning, we have specialized in serving up delicious and authentic Iranian fare, with other Mediterranean & Persian dishes popular with the lunch and dinner crowds. “A Promise of Quality” is the foundation of Shiraz Grill and we pride ourselves on continuing to keep this promise. Featuring the finest in Persian cuisine, the staff at Shiraz Mediterranean Grill provides the utmost professional and memorable experience. Come to join us with friends and family to celebrate your occasion.


Wine made in the district of Shiraz, the city in Persia, 1630s. As the name for a red wine made from a type of grape grown in the Rhône valley of France, it is recorded from 1908, from French Syrah, the name apparently altered in English on the mistaken notion that the grape was brought to Europe from the Middle East by Crusaders. The place name is said to be from Elamite sher “good” + Raz “grape”. (Persian Restaurant)

Syrah (also known as Shiraz) is a dark-skinned grape variety grown throughout the world and used primarily to produce red wine. DNA profiling in 1999 found Syrah to be the offspring of two obscure grapes from southeastern France, Dureza, and Mondeuse Blanche. Syrah should not be confused with Petite Syrah, a synonym for Durif, a cross of Syrah with Peloursin dating from 1880. (Iranian Restaurant in Dallas)

The style and flavor profile of wines made from Syrah is influenced by the climate where the grapes are grown with moderate climates (such as the northern Rhone Valley and parts of the Walla Walla AVA in Washington State) tending to produce medium to full-bodied wines with medium-plus to high levels of tannins and flavors of blackberry, mint and black pepper notes. In hot climates (such as the Barossa Valley of Australia), Syrah is more consistently full-bodied with softer tannin, jammier fruit and spice notes of licorice, anise and earthy leather. In many regions, the acidity and tannin levels of Syrah allows the wines produced from the grape to have favorable aging potential.