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Shekarchi Restaurant | Los Angeles, CA

Shekarchi Restaurant | Los Angeles, CA: Persian Restaurant

Downtown’s long-running Shekarchi Restaurant is set for a big expansion, with LA Downtown News reporting today that the restaurant is leaving its previous location of 33 years for a giant 7,500 square foot space on Olive Street.

The jump to a new location certainly shows the staying power of Shekarchi, which has for more than three decades been a stalwart in the non-chain Downtown dining scene.

Now with so much more attention being paid to the neighborhood overall, the Persian kebab shop has been able to translate the increased foot traffic into a big new location. the best Persian restaurant Los Angeles

The restaurant will also offer a full bar, and room for private dining. The address at 910 S. Olive Street is just one block over from Shekarchi’s current digs but could make all the difference.

It’s a one-story building that was previously an antique store, and it comes with lots of frontages — a plus in increasingly walkable South Park, where new apartment and mixed-use buildings keep going up almost daily.

Eater reached out to get a timeline on the re-opening from Shekarchi, but so far hasn’t heard back.

Shekarchi is a much-loved Downtown L.A. restaurant, considering it’s been serving up kebabs, stews, and other Persian favorites for 30 years. Now it looks like the restaurant’s up for a move, although it’s not going too far — thankfully.

Its owners are planning to fill a nearly 7,500-square-foot space at 920 S. Olive St., currently a vacant one-story building. Representatives of Shekarchi presented plans for the move at a Downtown L.A. Neighborhood Council meeting in late June.

The timeline is for the move is still unclear, but expect action later this year; the new Olive Street building does need improvements before a move can happen.

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