Shalizaar Persian Restaurant | Belmont


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Shalizaar Persian Restaurant | Belmont

Shalizaar Persian Restaurant | Belmont: Shalizaar Persian Restaurant serving myriad kebabs & salads in a modest but polished setting.

Tastefully Delicious Welcome to Shalizaar, a rare and undoubtedly the best Persian restaurant in the Bay Area.

We have served the most delectable authentic Persian cuisine for over 23 years now, and we are loved unconditionally by our customers. Over 70,000 people visited Shalizaar last year.

Shalizaar in Belmont has a long list of loyal customers that have visited us for almost as long as we have been in business. In fact, we have people who once came here as babies and now drive their own cars to our restaurant.

Truly Unique Dining Experience What makes us such a huge favourite among the food lovers of San Mateo, Belmont and the rest of Bay Area?

Our delicious cuisine, an enviable collection of the finest wine; the warm, friendly and deferential service; the classy, elegant and bright ambience? While all of these things are true, they are only the beginning.

There are so many things to love about Shalizaar We are a family owned and operated restaurant, and we treat every guest like family. You are welcome with your family and kids. We bake our bread right within the restaurant, so you get the freshest, most scrumptious bread in town. We use the freshest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to bring you the healthiest, most delicious recipes.

We ground our own meat in-house. You only get the best food here. Our bar has the best wine. In fact, we are one of the very few restaurants to have received the Award of Excellence given out by the prestigious wine magazine Wine Spectator, for 5 years in a row. If you look closely, we are the only Persian restaurant to feature in Wine Spectator, while other cuisines feature 20-30 restaurants each.

Recommended by Michelin, which is a company that recognizes the best restaurants from around the world. KQED highly recommended Shalizaar on the program “Check Please,” with all three guests unanimously in favour.

We have had the honour of catering at Narsai David’s fundraising event held at Ritz Carlton, twice.  Narsai David is a highly reputed author, television personality and one of the most respected food critics in the Bay Area.

We have state of the art digital menu apps designed by Bridge Consulting, that allows you to view images of the food and read more about it in up to 3 different languages prior to ordering. Accountability is very high and one of the owners is always in-house to hear anything a customer may have to say. Also, we have a great banquet hall with a 180-person capacity, for all events and functions.