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Shahin Sakhi | Los Angeles, CA

Shahin Sakhi | Iranian Psychiatrist in Los Angeles, California, Member of Honor Society, Alumni, York College of CUNY, N.Y., since 1988

Shahin Sakhi, M.D., Ph.D., Inc.

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychotherapy; individual, couple, family, and group
  • Supervision and consultation for therapists
  • Organizational consultant

Office space available for Nutritionists, Therapists, and Chiropractors.

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I only have an opening for group therapy at this time. And in the educational therapy area, we have an opening for those interested in improving brain function, such as memory, concentration, balancing, and skills enhancement, using computer programs such as an interactive metronome and cogmed.

I like to help my patients regain and maintain their balance in the context of their family dynamics, social, cultural background, lifestyle, and belief system: integrative therapy. I like to first join my patients to understand them in the ways they are adapting to changes in their life before starting treatment.

I’m a psychiatrist in private practice, clinical faculty at UCLA psychiatry Dept, President of Los Angeles Center for educational therapy. I am an Interactive Metronome provider. I provide supervision to other mental health workers. I teach group dynamics and direct experiential group learning workshops and conferences. I provide consultation to organizations and businesses.

I pay attention to an individual or a group as a whole, who themselves are comprised of parts or organ systems in dynamic relations in the context of living in a larger socio-politico-cultural system. No individual is better or worse human being. Each individual has a unique life.

Honours and Distinctions

Member of Honor Society, Alumni, York College of CUNY, N.Y., since 1988

Partial Tuition Scholarship, USC, Medical School, 1989

Research Fellowship, USC, School of Medicine, 1991-1992

Neuroscience Subspecialty Award, Western Section, American Federation of Clinical Research (AFCR) Annual Meeting, Carmel, CA 1994

Award Abstract, Medical Student Research Forum, USC, Los Angeles, CA 1994

Honorary Membership, American Federation of Clinical Research (AFCR)

Abstract chose by the 1994 Public Information Committee of the Society for Neuroscience for inclusion in the PRESS BOOK for a news release and a press conference because of its special interest.

Work cited in Science News Magazine, 146: 431, 1994.

AFCR Medical Student Award, Carmel, CA 1995-1996

Member of Honor Society, Alumni, USC, since 1997

Member of the honour society, PHI KAPPA PHI, since 1997

Psychiatry Resident Award of excellence, Jansen Pharmaceutical Research Foundation, 2000

Psychiatry Resident of the Year Award, Pfizer CNS Educational Grant, 2001

Curriculum Development, California State Educational Grant, UCLA School of Medicine, 2001

Developed and organized Geriatric Psychiatry Curriculum for psychiatry residents at UCLA

Iranian Psychiatrist in Los Angeles

Psychotherapy; individual, couple, family, and group.
Supervision and consultation for therapists
Organizational consultation
UCLA Clinical Faculty