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Sara Nooraei | Michael & Associates

Sara Nooraei | Michael & Associates

Professional Corporation in Toronto, Canada Area, Legal services in Toronto, Ontario

Counsel & Operations Manager at Michael & Associates Professional Corporation

  • Business Law
  • Real Estate
  • Wills & Estate Planning

We are a solicitor based practice with a focus on transactional real-estate matters, wills & estates and corporate law.

  • Corporate Services
  • Business Organization & Re-Organization
  • Government Filings & Corporate Book Reviews
  • Minute Book Maintenance
  • Share / Asset Purchase Transactions
  • Employment Agreements, NDAs and NCAs
  • Real-Estate Services
  • Residential & Commercial Transactions
  • Purchase & Sale
  • Mortgage & Refinance
  • Title Transfer
  • Lease Agreement Consultation & Preparation
  • Wills & Estates Services
  • Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving
  • Small Claim Court Matters
  • We represent a select number of our clients in civil litigation matters. Contact our office for further information.

Michael and Associates Professional Corporation has been repeatedly recognized by our clients as one of Toronto’s top solicitor firms. We focus on transactional real estate, wills & estates, and corporate law.

We represent both corporate and individual clients. From your first property purchase to your various investments and business ventures, to ultimately planning your legacy, we take pride in being part of our clients’ journey to success. Uncompromising dedication, commitment, and excellence. Welcome to our family. Iranian lawyers Toronto

Wills & Estates

Our estate planning services include wills, trusts, planned giving, powers of attorney and estate administration. We can assist you with your responsibilities in the administration of an estate, a trust or if you are acting as a power of attorney. When your estate planning requires additional expertise, we are able to partner with other experts to ensure all your options are explored.

Real Estate

Our real estate services include residential and commercial purchases & sales, mortgages & refinancing, title transfer, commercial leasing consultation/negotiation & drafting, pre-construction contract review, status certificate review, and private lending. With our varied expertise & experience, our firm is ideally suited to clients who seek to achieve the best possible results in an effective, discreet & efficient manner.


Our Corporate Services include business organizations & re-organizations, government filings, corporate book reviews, minute book maintenance, share/asset purchase transactions, employment agreements, and NDAs/NCAs. When your matter requires additional expertise we work with outside experts in the field to ensure you are properly protected. Iranian immigration consultant Toronto